Community Lettings UK Welcome

13th April 2021

Hello and welcome,

Here we are at Community Lettings first blog post. Although we find ourselves in unprecedented times Community Lettings UK is already 7 months old. We have made a huge first school partnership and working to secure more. As with almost every area of life COVID19 has dramatically affected our sector.

Schools primary focus as it should be, is its commitment to its pupils. Having spoken to various schools we have understood the challenge that schools have undertaken to try and keep pupils safe and continue their learning. We are now heading into a time where lettings and revenue generation is something that schools are now starting to think about. There has undoubtedly been financial pressure and schools are now starting to look options to help with their funding.

Community Lettings UK has not been set-up to be another letting provider, but to be a different letting provider. Community Lettings UK was set-up by its founders driven by our passion for grassroot sport, our local community and commitment to offer excellent service across the business. We make no qualms in admitting that our business is different to most. We aim to manage between 25 and 35 schools all based centrally in England. We believe and as previously proven that sometimes a “national” approach does not work, Senior Leadership Teams sat miles away not getting to know their working communities. Hiring staff to manage sites that you cannot get to means your staff must share the same passion, commitment and standards that you do. The way to ensure you deliver all the promises made when speaking and signing schools is to ensure you can be on-site and be fully in control of your business and not leave your valuable clients in the hands of others.

We join an industry that overnight has got twice as competitive as before coupled will a lost level of trust that needs to be rebuilt whilst also fighting against a National Pandemic. That being said our passion to make a difference and commitment to our communities means we will continue to strive until we reach our target of partner schools.
As a strapline suggests we will do things right and ensure our standards are always delivered. Our first blog would not be complete without mentioning our founding school Light Hall, Mark gave us our first meeting and believed in our vision and passion. Light Hall is one of the best facility schools in the Midlands and we are immensely proud that its one of ours.

Until next time…..

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