Light at the end of the tunnel

13th April 2021

Please accept our sincere thanks for your continued patience and understanding throughout these challenging times. We now find ourselves living in extraordinary times, but we have been enormously proud of the way in which our schools and communities have risen to the challenge: in many ways the pandemic has brought us closer together, even though we were further apart.

We are continually reviewing our position with regards to external use of our schools, however we are still not in a position to advise when our facilities will reopen. We know many of you are keen to get back into our venues and we want to reassure you that careful planning and preparation will have been made to ensure that when the time comes our community can return to our indoor and outdoor facilities with peace of mind.

With the government announcement regarding schools’ re-opening on Monday 8th March, we feel we are in a position to begin implementing a SAFE action plan with a view to re-opening our facilities for community use. With that in mind, we thought it would be useful for us to keep you informed about where we are and what steps we are taking to re-open our facilities :

S - *Secure*

Every school within our portfolio is different and therefore each school poses different challenges for us to overcome. Our priority will always be to protect the safety, health and wellbeing of all that use our facilities and therefore we will need to ensure each venue is COVID-19 secure and follows the ever-evolving government guidance. The first step in this process is to obtain the consent and support from each individual school that they are happy to re-open the facilities for community use. Schools will naturally have questions and concerns that we will need to address, however we are confident, by using the time during lockdown to diligently plan for lettings to return, that we can answer and empower schools to agree to re-opening their facilities. From here we will need to undertake relevant site-level risk assessments, as COVID-19 has brought a new dimension to our business and implement the necessary controls to make sure we keep all the users of the site safe

A – *Activate*

Our aspiration is to give our schools a secure foundation and platform to begin welcoming back our clients for external use. We understand the value of bringing communities together and the many health, social and well-being benefits this can bring. Once our partner schools have given us the green light for lettings to resume, we will start to proactively contact our clients to invite them to return. There is the possibility that we may look towards a phased return for lettings, however our initial priority will be to invite customers who have a current and active contract. After this initial step, we will begin to assess the new enquiries we have received during the national lockdown.

F – *Follow*

Over the coming weeks information will be posted through our social media channels and we will also use these pages to promote our clients groups and lockdown activities. One of our company objectives is to create a social community where local groups and companies can share information through our social media platforms below:

Facebook: Community Lettings UK
Instagram: commlettuk
Twitter: commlettuk
LinkedIn: Community Lettings UK

E – *Engage*

We are working closely with all our partner schools to ensure our facilities can open for community use, as soon as possible. We understand the value of bringing communities together and the many health, social and well-being benefits this can bring. We also understand the value that a flourishing community can bring to our schools in terms of enhancing their reputation as an inclusive and active organisation within the heart of the community. The key to our success is you the people and we can’t wait to welcome you back!

Until next time CW

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